Quello che le scuole di Malta dicono di noi!

InMalta è partner di tutte le scuole di inglese di Malta, siamo stimati, conosciuti, referenziati e tenuti in considerazione da tutta l'industria della formazione di Malta.

November, 19th 2015 Dear Sirs, My name is Isabella Conti and I am the Director of Sales for the BELS language schools. We run owner run, boutique language schools for both adults and juniors on Malta & Gozo. We have been working with In Malta for the past 9 months and in such a short period they have shown themselves to be a serious partner agent. They have given us few but very serious and long term customers. The In Malta customers have received very good counselling about our centres. Last but not least, I can confirm that In Malta are diligent with their payments. We cannot but recommend you to also become a partner of In Malta!

Isabella Conti
Director of Sales Bels
Tel (+356) 2146 7478


November 28th 2015 REFERENCE for Mr. Marco Giannone, Managing Director of InMalta. I have personally known Marco Giannone for a number of years, in my capacity as Managing Director, through my boutique English language school, GV Malta English Centre. Marco, is a very hard-working man who delivers what he promises. In fact, his company has increased the number of students to our school by an incredible 235% over the past 12 months. He understands the ELT market in Malta very well, exceptionally well. He studies the nature and needs of each student and matches that student to the school he believes fits best. I am grateful to him for recommending GV as a boutique and quality academy to a beautiful mix of Italian students - whether they are young, with families or more mature students. Marco is very passionate about his work, as much as GV, and this is mainly why we have a healthy and steady business relationship so far. Well done to Marco and his team! Congratulations on your success!
Best regards

Gaby Huhn Privitera
Head of School / Director GV Malta English Centre
Tel (+356) 21573417


December, 2nd 2015 To Whom It May Concern, EC Malta confirms that InMalta is one of our partners and has sent us students over the past 12 months. Their student applications were successful and we have never had any problems with their students or payments. InMalta has done a remarkable job promoting EC Malta. Moreover, InMalta has also been promoting Studying English in Malta and Malta as a destination to visit to lots of students in Italy throughout the year.mMarco Giannone has been very helpful and his understanding of the market has made many students choose Malta as a study destination. We are looking forward to another year with InMalta.
Best wishes,

Marko Zgrabljic
Regional Manager EC Malta
Tel (+356) 2379 0555


December, 21st 2015 Around 4 years ago I have met a gentleman called Marco Giannone very interested in the TEFL industry in Malta; whom I invited to join on one of our Fam Trips to be able to introduce our school and Malta in general. Here we have seen the birth of a very successful partner – InMalta owned by Giannone Ltd. Since the beginning we were impressed with the drive, determination and tenaciousness that Marco and his team have shown. InMalta has successfully promoted Malta; making it glow on the globe even more. InMalta is a very trustworthy and thorough, but also easy to work with; always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns or ideas that might come up. Feedback from customers coming through InMalta have always been very positive; with customers noting that the customer service received during and after booking has always been excellent. We have no issue highly recommending InMalta. For any other information do not hesitate to contact us.

Marisa Grixti
Sales and Operations Manager Am Language Studio
Tel (+356) 21324242


January, 12th 2016 I hereby confirm that I have known Mr Marco Giannone for the past couple of years in which I have collaborated with his agency inMalta (Company Owner at Giannone Ltd, 64/1 Agiton Building, St. Anthony Street, San Gwann, Malta). During this period the collaboration between inMalta and ACE English Malta has always run smoothly and has even grown further thanks to the ongoing marketing efforts put in by Marco on an overall basis. With the effective and direct marketing schemes, inMalta has managed to be a focal point mainly for Italian nationals who are willing to embark on an English Language Holiday Course in Malta. I have no doubt that the existing collaboration will only improve in the year ahead thanks to inMalta’s dedicated efforts to this market.

Keith Zammit
Head of School / Director Ace English Malta
Tel (+356) 27135135


February, 21st 2016 This is to confirm that we have known and worked with InMalta owned by Giannone Ltd and have found the organisation to be co-operative, trust worthy and reliable throughout our relationship. Moreover, we have found them to be committed to delivering the highest possible service to their customers ensuring that all the details of the programme are delivered as promised. InMalta have always shown an understanding of our industry and its customers and have worked towards their highest satisfaction and interests. On the other hand we have found InMalta to be a reliable and efficient agency when dealing with our organisation. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Jeremy and Julian Cassar Torregiani
Directors Am Language Studio
Tel (+356) 21324242
Email /


April, 12th 2016 It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend InMalta as a qualified agency in the EFL Industry in Malta. During the past 2 years of collaboration with Clubclass, Inmalta has fully demonstrated: to have a high knowledge of the territory and of the business; a very professional customer care service; efficiency and respect in collaborating with our company; to be proactive and to come up with interesting suggestions and ideas; its’ commitment to continuous objective of growth and improvement. Inmalta’s partnership with Clubclass is exemplary of the model to which we would like all agents to aspire. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Joe Aquilina
Managing Director ClubClass Malta
Tel (+356) 21370694


May, 27th 2016 To whom it may concern, this is to confirm that we have worked with InMalta for some time now and have always found them to be a serious and professional agency. I am more than happy to recommend them.
Yours sincerely

Carol Galea-Souchet
Regional Business Development Manager IELS Malta
Tel (+356) 21385596


June, 26th 2016 I have known Marco Giannone on a professional level for the past 5 years. At the time of our first meeting I was the Director of Studies at Malta University Language School. Mr Giannone was starting out as a language school agent at the time, and his enthusiam for what he does, his knowledge of the industry, and his presence in Malta have grown by leaps and bounds in these four years. Indeed, Mr Giannone is highly respected by the schools and other stakeholders here in Malta due to the students that he sends to Malta every year, and also due to his professionalism in the field. It is commonly known that Mr Giannone feels a loyalty to Malta and Malta returns this loyalty to him. For the past year and a half I have been working for, an international student travel insurance company. I am happy to say that I have the pleasure of continuing to work with Mr Giannone as he insures all his students with Should any further information be required, I am available to be contacted.
Yours faithfully,

Corinne Vella
Account Manager, Malta
Tel (+356) 99979912